The  national resource on ADHD.


A resource to serve the needs of children, families and professionals while addressing

mental health, medical, educational, legal and legislative issues.


Council of parent attorneys and advocates.


Protection and advocacy in California, Los Angeles.


From emotions to advocacy: to learn effective advocate skills.


A non-profit volunteer organization to support autism with educational and other support resources.


National resource center on ADHD: a program of CHADD with excellent information about AH/HD research, diagnosis and treatment.


Research on adolescent and young adult mental health.


LD Online: comprehensive website on learning disabilities on a wide range of topics.


Psychology problems and disorders, including childhood.


Team of advocates for special kids (TASK).


Parent information for parents of children with learning and attention problems.


Special education law and advocacy.


A selection of links to helpful websites

A selection of books.

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​Margaretha Kloots, PsyD

Barkley, Russell - (2013) Taking Charge Of ADHD Third Edition (Guide for parents with kids and adolescents with ADHD)
Biegel,Gina (2009) - Stress Reduction Workbook For Teens: Mindfulness Skills To Help You Deal With Stress  
Burns, David (2006) - When Panic Attacks (CD)
Cooper-Kahn, Joyce (2008) - Late, Lost, And Unprepared (Executive skills development)
Dacey, John, Mack, Martha and Fiore, Lisa (2016) - Your Anxious Child
Dawson, Peg and Guare, Richard (2009) - Smart, But Scattered (Executive skills development)
Greenberger, Dennis and Padesky, Christine (2015) - Mind Over Mood: Changing how feel by changing the way that you think
Greene, Ross (2005, 2008) - The explosive child (2005); Lost At School (2008)
Hayes, Steven and Smith, Spencer (2005) - Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life.
Neuman, M. Gary (1998) - Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce The Sandcastles Way
Mennuti, Rosemary, Christner, Ray, and Freeman, Arthur (2012) - Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions In Educational Settings, 2nd edition.
Phelan, Thomas (2010, 2012) - 1-2-3 magic: effective discipline for children 2-12 (2010); Surviving Your Adolescents: How To Manage And Let Go Of Your 13-18 Year Olds (2012)